Server Problems

Not sure exaclty what the issue is, but my webhost is currently experiencing a lot of issues with the box we are hosted on. Earlier today, all services were dropped due to some unknown error. Some things (mainly MySQL) are still intermittent so be patient if things are slow or just totally unresponsive.


  1. Denis says:


    Can you help me out i’m trying to run the server.exe from your website: and i keep getting this error : runtime error 91 object variable or With block variable not set can you fix it 😉

    Regards, Denis

    • Mycal says:

      This is really not the best place to ask this. Obviously, the main page on this site is not updated very often and is definitely not checked by anyone. I just happened to get an e-mail notification that you your post was awaiting approval. You should ask this question in the forums here.

      Try the dependencies package here, and post in the forums if you are still having problems.

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